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Follow-Up: Hunter Lurie

Last month, I made this post about the death of Hunter Lurie, son of director and screenwriter Rod Lurie, at the Electric Forest music festival.

This week, we received an update on the cause of his death. Allow me to share the Facebook post of Rod Lurie, who has been in contact with the EF community since the death of his son.

For those of you who were so kind in your postings about my son Hunter who had a cardiac arrest while dancing to Bishop Briggs at the EF.... here is what I just posted on my FB page. "We received the report from the Michigan medical examiner. It seems that on July 2nd my son Hunter died of of a pulmonary embolism as a result of a blood clot. The damn thing developed a couple of days before he attended the Electric Forest Music Festival. It traveled right into his heart. It was nothing more than horrible random luck and there was really nothing to be done. The universe is a fickle beast, alternating between the cruel and the kind. We all lost to her an impeccably decent man, the kind of human that world seems to have on very short supply. His family and friends will miss him forever more always wondering where his destiny would have taken him as opposed to where his fate took him. "

This should serve as a reminder that not every single person in the industry is in the “cabal.” As I said in my initial post, I can’t honestly suggest Hunter was murdered, based on the circumstances surrounding his death. If you haven’t yet, please, read my post on why I got heavily into numerology and became known to you as the Gematrinator. There is something well beyond our five senses that is causing people to die in this world. Whatever Shaun was a victim of, whatever my cousin was a victim of, and perhaps whatever Hunter Lurie was a victim of, appears to be a harsh consequence of the reality we live in.

I don’t mean to suggest people are not being murdered by this code. I absolutely believe that’s happening. And it’s possible that’s what this case is the result of. But there is 100%, absolutely positively something operating through a code of symbols and numbers outside of our perception. I also believe it’s possible this force that’s murdering people could be the result of ritual magic practiced by the darkest of the dark occult. But that’s a theory for another time.

First of all, let’s take into consideration the cause of death, a pulmonary embolism

"Pulmonary embolism" = 223 (English Ordinal)"Pulmonary embolism" = 223 (LCH Kabbalah)

Even before I heard about the death of Hunter Lurie, I made this post detailing how the festival is likely a masonic operation"Masonic" = 223 (Jewish)

In the post, Rod mentions he initially had cardiac arrest while watching an act named Bishop Briggs"Bishop Briggs" = 223 (KFW Kabbalah)

Bishop Briggs = 68, 67, 131, & 193

Look at these numbers…"Ritual human sacrifice" = 131 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Coffins go 6′ deep, are 8′ wide

193 is the 44th prime number"Kill" = 44 (English Ordinal)

And finally, the infamous 67"Blood sacrifice" = 67 (Full Reduction) "Human sacrifice" = 67 (Full Reduction)

Perhaps most significant is the Jewish gematria of pulmonary embolism

"Pulmonary embolism" = 1117 (Jewish)

1117 has a unique connection to 187, which is the only number to have the same prime relationship as its prime factorization

187 factors to 11 × 17  |  The 187th prime number is 1117

187 is also known as the homicide code

"Hunter Lurie" = 1087 (English Extended)

"Death" = 1807 (Reverse Extended)

The word sacrifice on its own sums to 46"Sacrifice" = 46 (Full Reduction) "רֶצַח (murder)" = 46 (Hebrew Ordinal) "לַהֲרוֹג (to kill)" = 46 (Hebrew Ordinal)

It was a blood clot that led to the heart attack"Blood clot" = 46 (Reverse Full Reduction)

So ultimately, what do I think? Whether or not it matters what I think is up to you. But think about it…if someone was really planning to kill him, how did they know he was planning to go see Bishop Briggs? There’s 5 other stages at the festival. Sure, some other acts may have similar numbers, but considering all that’s been shared about the organic side of the Matrix, I have to tap out and believe Hunter’s death was just part of this organic swirl of numbers we’re all living in.

My eldest brother’s name is Andy"Andy" = 44 (English Ordinal)

When he was only 36 years old, he lost his wife to cancer"Cancer" = 44 (English Ordinal)

As he laid beside her during her final night, he glanced at the clock and saw it was nearing 3 am. As he has described to me, in the moment, he briefly wondered if 3:12 would be her final breath. She was born on March 12th, written 3/12. On cue, that’s when he believes she passed. It’s an awfully sad story I find myself fighting tears to type, but one that’s relevant to what I’m showing and one I hope people take seriously.

Ultimately, I just want to know the Truth about what’s happening in this world. A part of me wonders if it’s even attainable. The only True thing I’ve ever felt is the spirit of Jesus Christ.

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