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Made-Up Bad News from the Fakestream Media

Over the past day, we’ve gotten two stories about young girls being killed.

Girl, 7, struck by car, killed while trying to get help for dad involved in drunk driving crash, police say

10-year-old girl shot dead by masked gunmen who opened fire on crowd, fled; 'We have to be outraged': Police

Notice the source for both of these stories – the POLICE. The liars-in-chief of this society built on fraud.

The goal of the news is not to inform, but to control our minds. There is scientific proof that reading bad news lowers one’s levels of happiness, and there are few types of news stories tougher to stomach than the deaths of innocent children.

As I’ve been exposing for a while now, just like the deaths of celebrities, fake news stories are constructed by the numbers of the crucifixion code that comes from the Bible. Both of these stories are carved out in this fashion.

First, the story about the 7-year-old girl. Allegedly, her dad was driving drunk and crashed into an abandoned vehicle. In an attempt to call for help, the girl was then struck by another vehicle driving on the freeway. How tragic, right?

This story comes out of Romulus, MI"Romulus, MI" = 42 (Full Reduction)

Romulus is located on the 42nd parallel:

42 N, 83 W
“Murder” = 83 (RO)

"New Testament" = 42 (Full Reduction)

The New Testament begins with the 42 generations to Jesus. The 42nd prime number is 181"Jesus the Messiah" = 181 (English Ordinal)

When you write out the number 42, it has Ordinal gematria of 142, just like the name of the victim:"Forty-two" = 142 (English Ordinal)

DeSandra Thomas was pronounced dead after she was struck by a vehicle while trying to cross I-94 in Romulus, Mich., her mother told Fox 2 Detroit. Police said the girl was looking for help after her father crashed their car into an abandoned vehicle near Merriman around 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

"DeSandra Thomas" = 142 (English Ordinal)

“Romulus” = 29  (R)  |  43 (RR)
“Jesus” = 29 (SR)  |  “Jesus Christ” = 43 (R)

Romulus is located on the 83rd meridian:"DeSandra Thomas" = 83 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Notice how it says she died at 3:30 am. This is said to have occurred on “Sunday” = 33 (RR), the only day of the week with 33 gematria, and on a date with a life lesson number of 33. Jesus was crucified at age 33(7) + (15) + 2+0+1+8 = 33

"Crucifixion of Jesus Christ" = 303 (English Ordinal)

The highway she died on was Interstate 94"Interstate Ninety-four" = 1460 (Jewish)

"Jesus Christ" = 146 (Reverse Ordinal)

The victim’s mother’s name is Sandria Burts“They say my daughter tried to save her father, she ran to get some help for her daddy,” Thomas’ mother, Sandria Burts, told Fox 2.

"Sandria Burts" = 146 (English Ordinal)

See my slide on the significance of the number 93 to Christianity"Christianity" = 930 (English Sumerian)

"Ninety-four" = 930 (Jewish)

393 WeeksOn the day before, Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder, who was exactly 330 days after his birthday, had just completed his 393rd week in office:

"Three hundred ninety-three" = 1331 (Jewish)

"Jesus the Messiah" = 1331 (Jewish)

Not enough evidence? Just look at the numbers they put in the story:Michigan State Police later connected the 911 texts to an alleged drunk driving crash being investigated by the Romulus Police Department. The girl’s body was located 50 to 150 feet away from her father’s car.

50 – 150 feet away? Really?"Jesus" = 515 (English Extended)

Next, the story about the 10-year-old girl who was allegedly gunned down in Washington, D.C. In this story, 4 masked gunman exited a black SUV and opened fire into a crowd of 10-15 people. Fortunately, this is not how real life works. Criminals simply don’t operate in this fashion.

But it gives the police a nice chance to throw something like this out there:10-year-old girl shot dead by masked gunmen; 'We have to be outraged': Police

"We have to be outraged" = 197 (English Ordinal)

The shooting occurred on the 197th day of the year:

"All the hopes and dreams that her family had for her [are] gone," Dickerson said of the slain 10-year-old. "And we have to be outraged. We have to work with the police. You have to work with us to remove illegal firearms from our city."

Wait…we have to work with the police to remove illegal firearms? No, that’s not how this works, officers. Isn’t every firearm in Washington D.C. an illegal one anyway?

Sounds like the right thing to do – remove illegal firearms, great idea. But what happens when they decide more and more of our firearms are illegal? It’s a slippery slope, and not one any of us should be ready to slide down, especially when their actions are predicated on fake news, such as this bullshit story.

The victim in this story is named Makiyah Wilson. First of all, her last name ends with son, and as I commonly say, the man and son are the two primary hoax words.

“Wilson” = 29 (R)  |  34 (RR)
“Jesus” = 29 (SR)  |  34 (RR)

"Makiyah Wilson" = 61 (Full Reduction)"Makiyah Wilson" = 74 (Reverse Full Reduction)

"Jesus" = 61 (Reverse Ordinal) "Jesus" = 74 (English Ordinal)

The date had full numerology of 61(7) + (16) + (20) + (18) = 61

"Active shooter" = 61 (Full Reduction)

"Crucifix" = 610 (Jewish)

Just as Rick Snyder was 330 days after his birthday on the date of the incident in Michigan, Donald Trump was 33 days after his birthday on the date of the shooting in Washington D.C.

Fortunately, the police got security camera footage of the suspects’ SUV. This should help the public nab the villains. Take a look for yourself:

Oh wait! You can’t see jack shit. Thanks, MPD!

This quality of evidence is quite typical for Washington, D.C. Don’t forget what they tried to pass off as an airplane striking the Pentagon on 9/11:

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