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Carolina Panthers Selling for $2.2 Billion

Bleacher Report Article

Mega-wealthy hedge fund manager David Tepper has offered to buy the Carolina Panthers. As you would naturally expect of a man worth over $11 billion, Tepper was born in to a Jewish family in Pittsburgh.

120 DaysIt’s being reported the sale could go down today. Today would make sense – it’s 120 days until Tepper’s next birthday:

"David Tepper" = 120 (English Ordinal)

Tepper was born in ’57"David Tepper" = 57 (Full Reduction)

In the Reverse order, “David Tepper” sums to 177. This connects him to the man he’s buying the team from, Jerry Richardson

"David Tepper" = 177 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Jerry Richardson" = 177 (ALW Kabbalah)"Jerry Richardson" = 177 (KFW Kabbalah)

177 minutes on a clock is 2:57. Tepper’s full name is David Alan Tepper"David Alan Tepper" = 257 (Reverse Ordinal)

257 is the 55th prime number, making it interesting that he’s buying the team from Jerry Richardson for 2.2 billion dollars. 22 is 55 upside-down.

"Richardson" = 55 (Full Reduction)"Two point two" = 55 (Full Reduction)

One last interesting connection here…David Tepper has that special birthday of September 11th. 9/11 is the 254th day of the year:

253 Months, 24 DaysIf you measure from the birthday of Jerry Richardson, who currently owns the team, to the birthday of prospective buyer David Tepper, you find these dates are separated by just one week shy of 254 months

I commonly mention how the numbers 24 and 42 are stamped into racial propaganda. See my posts on the Starbucks arrests and the racist school in New Jersey.

The Carolina Panthers were founded on October 26th, 1993. Isn’t their age on this date interesting? Consider that only is their logo a Black Panther, but Cam Newton, the team’s starting Quarterback, is the grandson of famous Black Panther co-founder Huey P. Newton

24 Years, 200 Days

David Tepper appears to have the typical perverted sense of humor that’s a signature of the upper-class Kabbalists:

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