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Packers WR Trevor Davis Arrested for Bomb Joke

Bleacher Report Article

In my video on the Austin bombings, I discussed the number 19 in great detail. A LOT of detail. It seems to be the number the hoax was centered around.

They began 19 days after local radio host Alex Jones’s birthday, on the date Daniel Bryan turned 1919 weeks old. They lasted 19 days and ended 19 days before WrestleMania, where Daniel Bryan made his in-ring return.

In the story linked above, Packers WR Trevor Davis was supposedly arrested at LAX for joking with a friend about whether or not he “packed the explosives.”

Trevor Davis = Austin, Texas in 3 of 4 base ciphers

This arrest makes news 19 days after the bomber killed himself, meaning Davis was arrested a span of 19 days after the same date:19 Days

"Davis" = 19 (Full Reduction)

Interesting that he was born in ’93:"Austin bombings" = 930 (English Extended)

All professional athletes are contracted actors. No doubt this story out of LAX was published just to pay tribute to those silly bombings.

“Trevor” = 35 / 37 (Full ReductionReverse Reduction)
“Bombing” = 35 / 37 (Full ReductionReverse Reduction)
“LAX” = 37 (English Ordinal)

The quote they give us that he was arrested for was:"Yes, did you pack the explosives?" = 131 (Reverse Full Reduction)

131 is the 32nd prime number"Bomb" = 32 (English Ordinal)

Also interesting is Trevor Davis’s age, in light of what we’re being reminded of in this news story:9044 Days

"Terrorists" = 944 (English Extended)

Also worth noting:"Bullshit" = 449 (Jewish)

This means he’s 2 months, 27 days before his next birthday:2 Months, 27 Days


“Trevor Lee Davis” = 67 / 670 (Full Reduction / Reverse Primes)
“Austin bombings” = 67 / 670 (Jewish)

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