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The Iridium 33 Collision

This morning, the Falcon Nine rocket launched a bunch of Iridium satellites into orbit. They must be fairly small satellites – SpaceX claims to have launched 10 of them to space.

In researching Iridium Communications Inc, I discovered that one of their satellites accounted for the first ever collision between two satellites back in 2009. Want to guess which Satellite it was?

Iridium 33

How about that shit. 33, our primary hoax code. The satellite it collided with was called Kosmos 2251

Kosmos 2251 = 330 (Jewish)

Our other primary hoax code is 13

Thirteen = 347 Jewish

"Iridium 33" = 347 (Jewish)

The 13th prime number is 41. This crash occurred on the 41st day of 2009, on a date with 41 numerology:(2) + (10) + (20) + (09) = 41

Iridium 33 was launched on a date with 130 numerology9 + 1+4 + (19) + (97) = 130

Also appropriate this date had 139 numerology, in light of this being their 33rd satellite.
9 + 14 + 19 + 97 = 139"Freemasonry" = 139 (English Ordinal)

But in fact…the word “satellite” is essentially 13"Satellite" = 103 (English Ordinal)

I really have no idea what to think about satellites. I have a hard time believing they’ve completely hoaxed us on the concept, and I very much believe Low Earth Orbit is a legitimate concept and that many shuttles and astronauts have accomplished it. But I don’t claim to know anything for certain. These clues definitely point at this story being a lie.

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