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Pedestrian Bridge Collapse @ Florida Int’l University

Today’s big story comes from Florida International University, where a pedestrian bridge has collapsed on March 15th, the 74th day of the year.

"Bridge collapse" = 74 (Single Reduction)

They’re saying the bridge is 950 tons:

"Pedestrian bridge collapse" = 950 (English Extended)

Today is March 15th, written 3/15 here in the States"FIU" = 315 (English Extended)

This date is known as “The Ides of March.” The date was first made famous in Shakespeare works, referring to the day on which Julius Caesar was killed in 44 B.C.

Kill = 44

In Hebrew, the word for “Kill” has gematria of 244Kill = 244 Hebrew

"The Ides of March" = 244 (Reverse Ordinal)

March 15th is the 74th day of the year"Killing" = 74 (English Ordinal)


Today has numerology of 36(3) + (15) + (18) = 36

FIU is located in Miami

"FIU" = 36 (English Ordinal) "Miami" = 36 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Bridge collapse = Miami, Florida in Reduction & Reverse

This might be eerie to sum – this date falls 8 weeks, 1 day before May 11th, which is a date some people are throwing around for an incident with the Golden Gate Bridge. Remember how in Minnesota back in 2007, an 81-foot high bridge collapsed on 8/1."Ritual" = 81 (English Ordinal) "Ritual" = 81 (Reverse Ordinal)

Today is the first day of the main NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament bracket. This year, the Florida International University Men’s Basketball team went 8-10 in conference play, a lot like 81. Also interesting that their final game ended with 137 points, the 33rd prime number."FIU Panthers" = 137 (English Ordinal)

In Chaldean numerology, “pedestrian bridge collapse” sums to 88"Pedestrian bridge collapse" = 88 (Chaldean)

In Francis Bacon gematria, FIU sums to the 88th prime number, 457"Florida International University" = 457 (Francis Bacon)

CNN is reporting this bridge was constructed  using a “modular construction method”

"Pedestrian bridge collapse" = 113 (Full Reduction)"Modular construction method" = 113 (Full Reduction)

113 is the number of mainstream deception

It’s always the authorities giving you the bullshit.

"At least one dead in pedestrian bridge collapse at university in Miami, authorities say" = 334 (Full Reduction)

Uh-oh. Does this have something to do with the Great American total solar eclipse?

Solar eclipse = 433 in Jewish gematria

Measuring back to that date:206 days

This also equates to:6 months, 22 days

Sacrifice = 206 Jewish

"Sacrifice" = 226 (English Extended)

(CNN also had this story about a $206m pitcher right underneath this)

For some reason, the Mayor, Carlos Gimenez, is the Mayor of the entire county, not just the city of Miami. Even more mysterious, he’s in China “on business” right now. What the hell kind of business does a mayor have in a foreign country?

Measuring to the anniversary of the date Gimenez took office:257 days

Total solar eclipse = 257 Reverse Blood sacrifice = 257 Reverse

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