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RationalWiki Tackles “New” Gematria

“New gematria” (RationalWiki)

My Response Video

Not to imply there’s a relation, but less than a month after I fired up my blog, a page called “New gematria” showed up on Jewish mafia-owned RationalWiki, as linked above.

It comically, yet frustratingly, refutes the practice of gematria in the base four and other standard ciphers by making selective arguments, choosing examples out of context, and offering childish, slapstick humor. The humor intends to endear the reader, when in reality, it’s mocking their intelligence and ability to think critically by clouding it with emotions of laughter and incredulity.

Of course, gematria often leads to matches between words or phrases that have no related meaning or significance. It’s the repetition and thoroughness that usually gives it away. That being said, you have to admit, this is kind of funny:RationalWiki = Derek Tikkuri in all four base ciphers


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