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Megan Barry in Hot Water for Affair w/ Guard

Megan Barry (Wiki)

Nashville mayor Megan Barry was in the news today for having an affair with a member of her security detail.

"Megan Barry" = 911 (Trigonal)911 is the 156th prime number."Megan Barry" = 156 (Francis Bacon)"Thirty-three" = 156 (English Ordinal)

"Thirty-three" = 141 (Reverse Ordinal)"Nashville" = 141 (Reverse Ordinal)

33 is the big-time hoax code. The name of her secret companion was Robert, a member of the police.Robert = 33 ReductionPolice = 33 Reduction

Her birth name was Megan Christine Mueller. With M.M. initials, (a sideways 33), she seems to have been born into the ruling class."Megan Christine Mueller" = 787 (Jewish)Freemasonry = 787 Jewish

This story is about an affair with a member of her security detail. Not every affair story is a hoax, but it’s a fitting one to slip in there:

"Affair" = 113 (English Extended)

She cheated on her husband Bruce:"Bruce Barry" = 113 (English Ordinal)

Megan Barry has 113 birth numerology(9) + (22) + (19) + (63) = 113

See why 113 is the mainstream’s number of deception. 11 × 3 = 33

With Super Bowl 52 coming up this weekend, it appears as if there are a myriad of tributes, in addition to all the sacrifices we’ve seen. This ties in as well. Allow me to explain:

The Philadelphia Eagles are in the Super Bowl. Philadelphia is where the original U.S. flag was first sewn at 239 Arch Street. 239 is the 52nd prime number. It was 23/9 when Trump first attacked the NFL for its players failing to stand during the national anthem.

Just yesterday, we got news of an injured Minnesota congressman. His birthday was on 23/9, and it was 239 days before the Jesuit Order’s birthday. See post

Flag Day is celebrated on 14/6. This is also Trump’s birthday."Pennsylvania" = 1406 (Jewish)

Last week, we got the death of Marcos Carvajal."Carvajal" = 1406 (Jewish)

Today, we had a Google Doodle for Carter G. Woodson."Carter G. Woodson" = 1460 (Jewish)

Now today, news about Megan Barry, whose full name is:"Megan Christine Barry" = 1460 (English Extended)

"Megan Barry" = 646 (Jewish)

6 hours and 46 minutes is 10:46

Barry’s son died in late July from a drug overdose, 185 days before the lunar eclipse, the same day Barry apologized. Strange, as I’ve been covering several 185 connections lately.

“Mark Wayne Salling” = 185 (English Ordinal)
He died at exactly 1850 weeks old
The only congressman to go to the hospital from yesterday’s train wreck was “Jason Lewis”  1805 (Jewish)

This “drug overdose” occurred on 7/30, the 211th day of the year, leaving 154 on the calendar."Sacrifice" = 73 (English Ordinal)"Ritual sacrifice" = 73 (Full Reduction)

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 211 (English Ordinal)

Ritual sacrifice = 154


It’s 7 months, 22 days before her next birthday.

See why 227 and its reflection, 722, are integral to the mathematics of the circle, which is the mark of the Beast.

Like any news story that covers a “character sacrifice” of a public figure, there’s a tribute to the sacrifice of Jesus:

"Mayor of Nashville" = 1510 (Jewish)"Jesus Christ" = 151 (English Ordinal)

Not including the end date, Barry is 233 days from her birthday. Today is 23 weeks, 3 days after the Great American total solar eclipse. These 233 and 227 numbers popped up in today’s school shooting as well.

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