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Pope Marries Flight Attendants Aboard Plane

Link to article (HuffPost)

Look at the names of these two people: Paula Podest and Carlos Ciufffardi. Fake news stories LOVE to give you characters with the same initials. And these are two of their favorites.

“P” is the sixteenth letter.

Sixteen = 33

“Paula Podest” = 130 (English Ordinal)  |  13 and 33 are the big hoax codes. They’re calling this the “airborne wedding”.

"Airbone wedding" = 130 (English Ordinal)

“Paula Podest” = 515 (Satanic)
“Thirty-three” = 515 (Primes)

These pervs just love putting the P.P. anywhere they can. Just look at what JEWrassic Liars caught from the “Zombie” music video, from the group the Cranberries, who just lost their singer by the code.

Next, you have Carlos Ciufffardi, who’s got the C.C. initials, another nod to 33. The headline also clues us in:

303 Reduction

And look at who wrote it! Her initials are C.K., the 3rd and 11th letters. 3×11 = 33.

Carol Kuruvilla

"Carol Kuruvilla" = 666 (Satanic) "Carol Kuruvilla" = 666 (Reverse Primes)

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