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Joe Tofflemire – Jesuit Order Sacrifice?

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There’s a woman who has called in to the Gematria Effect on several occasions. She’s claimed that YouTuber Montagraph, who appears to be the head of a network of shills on YouTube, has harassed her both at work and at home.

I always believed this woman, although I didn’t understand why she, of all Zach’s subscribers, would be targeted for this kind of thing. Well as it turns out, she had a brother who used to play for the NFL – and later died by the numbers.

Joe Tofflemire (Wiki)

I have no question now that they were attempting to intimidate this woman because they knew she had stumbled into knowledge that could ultimately clue her in to the fact that her brother may have been killed.

People do die by the numbers naturally in real life, but one must wonder why this woman would be harassed if that was the case with her brother. Something smells fishy.

The first thing that stands out about her brother’s date of death, 27-Sep-2011, is that it was the Jesuit Order’s 471st birthday.

“Revelation” = 471 (Satanic)
“Six six six” = 471 (Satanic)

His full name was Joseph Salvatore Tofflemire, meaning his initials are J.S.T. – the three consonants in the word JESUIT.

The Jesuit Order = 177

Joseph Salvatore Tofflemire = 1770 Sumerian

Tofflemire was born with 177 days left in the year
His birthday leaves 177 days in the year

Let’s look at his full name gematria in the base four ciphers:

Joseph Salvatore Tofflemire = 115, 137, 295, and 380

“Society of Jesus” = 115 (Reverse Single Reduction EP)
“Killing” = 115 (Reverse Ordinal)
“Killing” = 115 (Jewish)

137, the 33rd prime number. He played in 33 NFL games, starting 16 of them
“Sixteen” = 33 (Full Reduction)
“Seahawks” = 33 (Full Reduction KV)
Catholic Church – C.C.33

As for the 380:
“Murder” = 38 (Reverse Full Reduction)
“Death” = 38 (English Ordinal)
“Killing” = 38 (Full Reduction)
“R.I.P.” = 38 (Reverse Ordinal)
“Scottish Rite of Freemasonry” = 308 (Jewish Ordinal)
“Society of Jesus” = 380 (Franc Baconis)

9+27+1+1 = 38
Date of death numerology

Now let’s check out his common name gematria:

Joe Tofflemire = 67 Reduction, 212 Reverse, 191 Francis Bacon, 223 Kabbalah

“Blood sacrifice” = 67 (Full Reduction)

9+27+20+11 = 67
Date of death numerology

“Ritual sacrifice” = 212 (ALW & KFW Kabbalah)
“Society of Jesus” = 191 (English Ordinal)

His full name has more interesting gematria:Joseph Salvatore Tofflemire = 133 Single Reduction, 227 All Exceptions, 373 Francis Bacon, 587 Franc Baconis

“Sacrifice” = 133 (ALW Kabbalah)
227, the number of circles, related to pi
“The Society of Jesus” = 227 (Jewish Ordinal)
373 is the 74th prime number
“Killing” = 74 (English Ordinal)
587 is the 107th prime number
“Ritual sacrifice” = 107 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Joseph Salvatore Tofflemire = 1170 Satanic, 329 KFW Kabbalah, 251 LCH Kabbalah

“Ritual sacrifice” = 117 (LCH Kabbalah)
The 329th prime is 2207
“Ritual sacrifice” = 251 (Reverse Ordinal)

Died 82 days after his birthday
“Ritual sacrifice” = 82 (Single Reduction)
“Seahawks Center” = 82 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Including the end date, this was a span of 83 days after his birthday
“Society of Jesus” = 83 (Single Reduction)
“Joseph Tofflemire” = 83 / 79 (Full Reduction / Reverse Full Reduction)
“Murder” = 83 / 79 (Reverse Ordinal / English Ordinal)
Birth numerology: (7)+(7) + (65) = 79

Died 9 months, 11 days before his next birthday

44th pick of the 1989 draft:
“Kill” = 44 (English Ordinal)

Died at age 46
“Sacrifice’ = 46 (Full Reduction)
“לַהֲרוֹג” (kill) and “רֶצַח” (murder) = 46 (Hebrew Ordinal)
“Catholic” = 46 (Reverse Full Reduction)
“Catholic” = 35 (Full Reduction)

7+7+ 1+9+6+5 = 35
Birth numerology

The Jesuits are the masonic order within the Catholic Church.

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