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H&M in Race-Baiting Propaganda

Link to CNN article

It doesn’t seem like any mistake H&M is in the news the same day Oprah says she’s considering running for president. To begin, notice how H&M has the 33:

H&M = 33 Reverse

But check out their full name: Hennes & Mauritz AB = 229 Reverse

Oprah = 229 Extended

The 229th verse of Revelation mentions the number of the beast as 666. H&M was founded by a man named Erling Persson.

Erling Persson = 666 Extended

“Hennes & Mauritz AB” = 1111 (Jewish). Today is 11 months, 11 days after Oprah’s birthday.

The two phrases in quotes for these stories have the same gematria.

“actively thinking” = 1461 (Jewish)
“coolest monkey” = 1461 (Trigonal)

“H&M apologizes for using black child to sell ‘coolest monkey’ top” = 239 (Full Reduction)
Oprah went to “Tennessee State University” = 2309 (Jewish)

Coincidences? Doubtful. Oprah is black – this is likely another tactic the mainstream media uses to keep our brains thinking about race, when really, nothing should be treated as less significant. This is why the longnoses in charge of distributing information to the public need to be removed – forcefully if need be.

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