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Kevin Durant Donates $3m to University of Texas

Durant gives $3m to UT Basketball

What a terrible use of money. $3 million dollars funneled straight back into the same system that manufactures athletes for rigged sports. It’s the largest donation ever by an alumnus.  You can trust me when I say Texas basketball would survive without the money.

I’m only making this post because of the gematria of Kevin Durant’s quote:

“My time as a Longhorn helped build the foundation for who I am today as a player and a person, and the UT team will always be my family. It’s important to me to continue to give back to The University and ensure that future student-athletes have all the opportunities they need to succeed. It’s an honor to have such a close and unique relationship with Texas Basketball, and I’m grateful to be able to contribute”

This sums to 3773 (Jewish Ordinal). 3773 are two very significant numbers in the Torah. The first verse of the Bible sums to 2701, which is 37×73. These numbers are reflections of one another, as are their prime relations – 1221.

Why is this so appropriate? “Kevin Durant” = 1189 (Jewish). There are 1189 chapters in the King James Bible. “Circle” = 1189 (Reverse Trigonal)

This also sums to 1433 (Jewish Reduced). 1433 is the 227th prime number. See more on the significance of 227.

Verify the gematria yourself. Paste the above quote into the Calculator at Gematrinator.com and open up the Jewish Reduced and Jewish Ordinal ciphers.

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