Crazy Synchronicity w/ Tupac & Biggie Video

This is a good one.

My video on Tupac and Biggie came out to be 31:29. Nothing special, right? If you convert this, you find it’s 1889 seconds.

1889 is the 290th prime number

"Biggie Smalls" = 290 (Jewish) "Christopher Wallace" = 290 (Reverse Ordinal)

Pretty wild, right?

But get this:

In the past month, I really picked up the number of videos I’ve been making. Having a Blog to structure my thoughts within instead of getting sidetracked with deep decodes has allowed me to get to the point more efficiently, and most importantly, be able to make videos quicker.

Anyway, here’s a snapshot of the past month:

The video in the bottom-right corner is an alert regarding my decoded King James Bible that I uploaded to this page. The one above it was my most recent live stream.

This page is missing one video – YouTube deleted my video exposing the Kentucky School Shooting as a Jesuit Order ritual. So with the 28 you see, and the 29th that YouTube deleted, that means I made 29 videos about one of my blog posts since January 6th.

Measuring from that date to today:

That means, in addition to making a video that came out to the 290th prime number in seconds, about a guy whose death was centered around 290, it was also my 29th gematria video in 29 days.

"Derek" = 29 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Like…what?! I assure you, the length of the video was completely unintentional, I did nothing with the time in mind. I used the same length for the intro/outro images that I used in the video I uploaded the day before on Groundhog Day.

It’s really crazy what’s going on in this place. It would be unbelievable if it weren’t true.

Decoding a Synchronicity (Organic Matrix)

I haven’t done as much work in the “Organic Matrix” section of the blog lately as I was hoping to. Of course, I still experience synchronicities, but nothing wild enough to really make a post about in the last couple weeks.

But this one definitely gets a post.

Quick backstory: Long, long before I got into numerology or gematria, I made an extremely-intriguing observation that got me wondering what’s really going on in this world.

When I was 16, I foolishly fell for this girl named Katie. She was over two years older than me and was already out of high school, well on her way to college. A couple years later, after I was all done with school, I began dating a different girl named Katie, and she was a little over two years younger than me.

One day I thought about it and realized their birthdays were both about the same number of days away from mine. I eventually calculated it and sure enough – one was born 784 days before me, the other born 784 days after me.

This blew me away…I thought, could this really be a coincidence? Maybe this was telling me neither was meant to be. It actually made it easy to get over it all.

Fast-forward to today at work, where I’m writing this post on Lunch. I decided to listen to a couple of songs while working…although my earbuds are in most of the day, I almost never actually listen to music anymore. I heard Radiohead’s “Idioteque” on the way in to work and it reminded me of Aphex Twin’s Girl Boy Song for some reason. I first found that music in 2005, not long after the relationship with Katie ended. The song gives me nostalgia from that period of time.

So I’m sitting there listening to the song, that 784-day thing popped into my head and I remembered how much sense it now makes in light of what I’ve been studying lately.

That’s when I got this phone call:

You’re seeing that correctly – the call came from Katy, Texas.

This floored me…I really couldn’t believe it. After the song ended, I took my earbuds out and went for a little walk.

Normally, I would have called this the end of the sync, but as has been brought to my attention by others who have taken part in this study, these “synchronicities”, as we call them, may also be coded. I went ahead and decoded this incident a little further, and I believe you will find this very interesting.

The name of the song was:"Aphextwin - Girl Boy Song" = 263 (English Ordinal)263 is the 56th prime number. Add up all the digits from the phone number that called me:

2+8+1 + 8+2+9 + 4+8+8+6 = 56

"Girl Boy Song - Aphextwin" = 119 (Single Reduction)

"Katy, TX" = 911 (Jewish)

911 is the 156th prime number."Thirty-three" = 156 (English Ordinal)

The call was received at 11:33"Seven hundred eighty-four days" = 133 (Full Reduction)"Girl Boy Song - Aphextwin" = 133 All Exceptions

This might be pushing it, but it’s really got me wondering. So allow me to speculate:

I spent a little time at work this morning telling a couple people about my recent video on the Pentagon’s shrinking height. As I stated, I believe it may have something to do with my video on 9/11, which I uploaded on 11/9/2017. The Wikipedia edit occurred on 1/10."Girl Boy Song - Aphextwin" = 110 (Full Reduction)

My video on 9/11 was exactly 1:37:00…not only is 137 the 33rd prime number, but it equates to 97 minutes. The timestamp was not intentional, nor did I make any edits in order to achieve that time.

"Girl Boy Song - Aphextwin" = 97 (Reverse Full Reduction)97 is the Hebrew gematria of the word “Time”Time = 97 in Hebrew97 is the 25th prime number.Time = 25 Reverse ReductionJames was 25 when this album came out.

25 and 97
Richard D. James’ birth numerology

In Hebrew Soffits, which includes final-form characters:Time = 747 in Hebrew Soffits11:33 leaves 747 minutes left in the day.

Time = 254 ExtendedThe song is from the album “Richard D. James Album”, which was released on 04-Nov-1996. Measuring from that date to today:254 Months9/11 is the 254th day of the year.

2:54 is 174 minutes. I turned 1704 weeks old today:Exactly 1704 weeks

Recall how 1331 is related to time and eclipses. See post

“Richard David James” = 130 (Reverse Full Reduction EP)
“Richard David James” = 310 (Reverse Ordinal)

His self-titled album was released on a date with 130/31 numerology.

“Girl Boy Song – Aphextwin” = 522 (Franc Baconis)
“Derek Tikkuri” = 522 (Jewish)

“Richard David James” = 1111 (Trigonal)
“Derek Tikkuri” = 1111 (Trigonal)

You know what makes this even more weird though? 9/11/2001 was the only date I ever saw the first Katie at my high school. This was my age on that date:Exactly 849 weeks849 is 283 × 3. Katie’s name sums to 283 in Jewish gematria, the same as “The Moon”.

The Organic Numerology of Signs of Time

Around a year ago at this time, just as the Gematrinator website was launching, I was working on an hour-long presentation. This project was intended to show how multiple establishments are operating by the same code, indicating that there is coordination behind what are otherwise perceived to be separate or even competing entities.

I was inspired to take this project on due to the combined research of myself and a friend I’d met as I sought someone who was already exposing NASA bullshit.

I was so excited about my “Overeasy” find that’s presented in Signs of Time, I typed “Cassini bullshit” into Google to see if anybody was running a blog already exposing this. I came across Dezy’s blog, and it didn’t take long for me to realize we were both on the same wavelength, and that we could really benefit off each other’s work.

I’m not sure when, but I eventually found out when he was born and was surprised to find out not only how much younger he was, but the numbers that popped up when measuring between our birthdays:

9 years, 3 months, 1 day

And just measuring between birthdays:
93 days

So to clarify…I make this discovery regarding an overeasy egg and its yolk resembling Saturn and its rings, due to the 1331 Jewish gematria of “Overeasy.” And the person I randomly reach out to is 9 months, 3 days younger than me and our birthdays are 93 days apart?!

Saturn = 93

…What are the odds?!

So when we first started to organize the project, we began a Skype call around roughly 10 pm my time, which was 5 am his time (Serbia). We put together three full pages of notes and organized them in a fashion that would lay out the flow of the video. Everything was looking golden. I started to get tired and looked at the clock, realizing it was well past midnight.

So I told him it was probably time for me to sleep, and he says “dude…it’s 7:22 am over here.” I looked back at the clock and sure enough, it was 12:22. I was like “Alright ! Then we got the perfect time! See ya!” We ended the call and I went to bed.

Over the course of the next day at work, I remember having a fleeting thought…thinking “How funny would it be if that call was 2 hours, 27 minutes?” I was quite confident, however, for whatever reason, that it had probably not exceeded 2 hours by much, if at all.

I flipped on my computer the next day to a message from Dezy, exclaiming “Look at the call time! What is going on?!” Confused, I scrolled up and looked at the call time – it was EXACTLY 2:27:00.

My jaw dropped. I was a little stunned. I couldn’t believe it. I double and triple-checked to see if it wasn’t a picture he sent me, but it was definitely legit. Our call was 2 hours, 27 minutes, to the second,

Immediately, I knew something cosmic had happened. At the time, both of us were under the impression this numerology thing was something that just people liked to do for fun. Overnight, it became evident that this study was about to send us on a plunge we were not expecting.

I ended up finishing the video about a month later, as we soon settled on the date February 27th to upload it. I got some comments saying “what’s up with that, doing things by the numbers?” People were under the impression that the only intent could have been to signify that I was part of the gang. And sure, from the outside, it could look like we were just being cheesy and imitating what we were seeing.

But this was not done as an ode to secret societies. We chose to upload the video on February 27th (at 2:27 am nonetheless) as a nod to the “organic matrix”, this godlike force that seemed to have sat beside us in our journey into this new angle on truth we were ready to help reveal to the world. We were already into this because we didn’t believe in coincidence – so when a sign so clear presents itself, one must take note and be humbled.

I went ahead and completed the video completely naturally, just organizing the slides and narrating them as would anybody doing some type of work they were trying to earn credit for. Aside from the upload date, I didn’t intentionally do anything by the numbers, didn’t cut the video to a specific length, nothing of the sort.

Neatly, the video turned out to be exactly 1:16:33, which contains an upside-down 911 and a 33. “Thirty-three” = 156 (English Ordinal), and the 156th prime number is 911.

Not only that – look at the file size of the raw video of the completed project:

777 MB

I couldn’t have done that if I tried. Why would I try? I’m just trying to share information I find to be fascinating!

Strange how some people say I’m stretching when talking about this organic gematria. If this is what’s happening around us in our creative efforts by the numbers, on its own….then what else might be true?

Gematria of My Employers – Coded Reality?

Saturn is sometimes called the all-seeing eye. If an all-seeing eye is real, and it’s helping guide our lives, then maybe it also leaves hints, cluing us in to its existence.

It’s ironic now, given my work on rigged sports, but my first employer was actually Jim Gantner, a guy I used to watch play baseball for the Brewers when I was really young. For all the smack I talk about athletes, I should let it be known that Jim was truly an awesome guy, took a liking to me and actually helped convince my mom to take me out of school. By my Junior year, I just felt like I was in hell there, so it was a blessing for my mom to be able to homeschool me.

Gantner and his wife opened up a coffee house in 2001 called “The River,” or “The River Coffee House”. This might only be partially organic; Jim was a successful big-leaguer, so I it’s possible he or someone he knew had knowledge about gematria.

“Jim Gantner” = 111 / 666 (English Ordinal / English Sumerian)
“The River” = 111 / 666 (Reverse Ordinal / Reverse Sumerian)
666 is the 36th triangular number  |  “River” = 36 (Full Reduction)

“Six hundred threescore and six” = 389 (Reverse Ordinal)  |  Gantner is exactly 389 months older than me.

389 months exactly

“James Elmer Gantner” = 729 (English Extended)
729 in the octal number system is 1331, which is 11 cubed.
“Full circle” = 729 (Trigonal)

So isn’t it wild that his wife’s name was “Sue Gantner” = 808 (English Extended)  |  88 and Time
My mom’s name: “Kathleen Ellen Tikkuri” = 88 (Full Reduction)

“Saturn” = 88 (Jewish Ordinal)  |  Remember, Saturn is the all-seeing eye:

“Saturn” = 93 (English Ordinal)
“The River Coffee House” = 93 (Reverse Full Reduction)

The coffee house was Christian-themed. A Bible study was kicked up after several weeks, and it was there I unexpectedly found God. This was all a couple of months before 9/11/2001.

It was during my time there that I discovered DDR. I wound up losing almost 40 pounds in 2 months, became really good at at the game, and won tournaments in four different states.
“Dance Dance Revolution” = 88 / 205 (Full Reduction / English Ordinal)
“All-seeing eye” = 205 (Reverse Ordinal)

“Saturn” = 93 (English Ordinal)  |  93 × 2 = 186
The 186th prime number is 1109
“All-seeing eye” = 119 (English Ordinal)

After the coffee house, I began working random, short-term office jobs through a temp agency called Kelly Services.

“Kelly Services” = 186 (Reverse Ordinal)

The first time I got permanently hired through the agency was at BankOne. BankOne doesn’t have Saturnian gematria, but I do find it odd that the department I worked in, which was technically my role’s title, was:

“Bank One Vehicle Finance” = 772 (English Extended)
“Derek Tikkuri” = 772 (English Extended)

Organic Matrix within an Organic Matrix Post:

While writing the above section, I saw “BankOne” = 62 (English Ordinal) and “BankOne Vehicle Finance” = 97 (Full Reduction), which I ultimately decided not to mention because it’s not really related to this post.

I then got a phone call from a phone number I don’t recognize, which I typically don’t answer, but I decided to this time out of curiosity. It was some debt collector who either had the wrong number or was trying to fool me. Anyway, they called me at 6:40 my time. I go by Gematrinator_64 because my birthday is 6/4.

The company was called “Oliver Adjustment Company” = 97 (Full Reduction), but addressed themselves as “O.A.C.” = 62 (Reverse Ordinal).
“O.A.C.” = 19 (English Ordinal), they were founded in 1919, so someone there is into this stuff.

JP Morgan Chase bought BankOne, and our roles ended up getting axed. The next temp job I had was at:
“Metavante” = 142 (Reverse Ordinal)
“Derek Tikkuri” = 142 (English Ordinal)

After that job ended, I stopped working for a while and began playing online poker. I was able to make some money playing Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments, but the real profit at the time was in Five Card Draw, which had just several simple rules to follow that guaranteed profit. This worked for about 5-6 months, before more people finally caught on to how to play. I made over $25 / hour over that time frame.

“Five-card draw” = 93 (Reverse Single Reduction EP)
“Five-card draw” = 119(Jewish Ordinal)

In 2006, the same friend I’ve since had a falling out with got me work at two different places:

“Robbie’s” = 119 (Reverse Ordinal)  |  Full name was –
“Robbie’s Delicatessen” = 186 (English Ordinal)
My boss there was “Trevor Jackson” = 171 (English Ordinal)
171st prime number is 1019

“A Gardener in the City” = 186 (English Ordinal)
Owned and operated by “Ken Brath” = 137 (Reverse Ordinal)
137 is the 33rd prime number, a number that’s followed me around.

After a brief stay in California, where I worked just one job for Kelly Services, I wound up getting hired at a company that was being contracted by General Electric.

“Data Exchange” = 93 (English Ordinal)  |  Their nickname was –
“DEX” = 33 (English Ordinal)

It was during my time there I met my ex-girlfriend. We dated for about 7 years, living together for 2 of them.

“C******** A** V********” = 119 (Reverse Full Reduction)
We first met on 11/9/2007
My mom’s name, “Kathleen Ellen Tikkuri” = 119 (Reverse Full Reduction)

After a few years being employed to a contractor, I fell into the good graces of the brass at GE for re-building their supply chain tools from scratch and drastically improving efficiency and accuracy. They wound up hiring me into GE Healthcare:

“GE Healthcare” = 93 (English Ordinal)
“General Electric Healthcare” = 119 (Full Reduction)
“General Electric Healthcare” = 457 (Reverse Ordinal)  |  457 is the 88th prime number

“General Electric Healthcare” = 142 (Reverse Full Reduction)
“Derek Tikkuri” = 142 (English Ordinal)

“General Electric Healthcare” = 203 (LCH Kabbalah)
“Derek Michael J. Tikkuri” = 203 (English Ordinal)

“General Electric” = 137 (English Ordinal)
“General Electric” = 88 (Reverse Full Reduction)
“General Electric” = 227 (ALW Kabbalah)

The department I work in is “MultiVendor Parts” = 227 (English Ordinal)
“MultiVendor Parts” = 205 (Reverse Ordinal)
“All-seeing eye” = 205 (Reverse Ordinal)

The past 14 months, I’ve been focused on the “Gematrinator” = 93 (Reverse Single Reduction EP)

This is a wild place.

Obscure Observation

Over the past year, I’ve spent a lot of time researching and talking about eclipses, particularly total solar eclipses.

However, there’s another significant type of solar eclipse, albeit less of one, called an annular solar eclipse. The reason it’s not quite as significant is because the moon is far enough away from the earth that it fails to cover the entire sun, leaving a ring of light around the moon.

Despite this, it’s still separate from a partial solar eclipse, in that there is a path of annularity, similar to that of totality.

Anyway, the reason I make this post is because the next time a path of either annularity or totality passes through my home town will be on June 11th, 2048. That would be my parents’ 66th anniversary. And here I am researching the book of Revelation, the 66th book, and what it says about solar eclipses.

– shrug –

My Family’s Organic Numerology

It took me a couple of months after I built the Gematrinator before I even thought to decode my own name and birthday in relation to my parents’ and that of my three older brothers. For the first time, I’m putting a chunk of my personal connections in gematria and numerology in one place so everyone can see that something very wild is indeed going on in this world.

When looking at personal gematria, it’s probably best to stick with the four base ciphers, English Extended, and Jewish. Reduction Exceptions are likely of value, but while I can’t grasp how ciphers like Satanic and the Kabbalah could relate, I’ll sprinkle in some of those “coincidences” and you can judge for yourself.

(In case you get confused, my brothers are technically half-brothers, as they came from my mom’s first marriage)

To begin, my mom is loaded with the same Saturn/Moon numbers I talk about in my videos. We’ll look at her full birth name and her current full name.

“Kathleen Ellen Baer” = 69 / 93 (Full Reduction / Reverse)
“Saturn” = 93 / 69 (English Ordinal / Reverse)
“Kathleen Ellen Baer” = 150 (English Ordinal) | “Time” = 47, the 15th prime number

“Kathleen Ellen Baer” = 367 (Jewish) | 367 is the 73rd prime number
“Saturn” = 73 (ALW Kabbalah)
“Saturn” = 21 (Full Reduction) |  21 squared is 441
“Kathleen Ellen Baer” = 441 (Primes)

Her birthday, July 23rd, 1953, has a life lesson number of 48.

The 48th prime number is 223. “הירח” (The Moon) = 223 (Hebrew Gematria)

There are 223 synodic months in a Saros cycle. There are 235 synodic months in the Metonic cycle, also called Enneadecaeteris. Measuring from my mom’s birthday to my dad’s birthday:

July 23rd 1953 to March 15th 1954 is 235 days

Her new name: “Kathleen Ellen Tikkuri” = 223 (English Ordinal)

“Tikkuri” = 36 / 99 / 90 (Reduction / Ordinal / Reverse)
“The Moon” = 36 / 99 / 90 (Reduction / Reverse / Ordinal)

Their wedding date had numerology of 90 and 99.
Their wedding date numerology

She was 1507 weeks old. “Rick Tikkuri” = 157 (Reverse Ordinal)

“Kathleen Ellen Tikkuri” = 88 (Full Reduction)
“Saturn” = 88 (Jewish Ordinal)
Measuring from my dad’s birthday to their wedding:

88 days after my dad's birthday

“Richard Harvey Tikkuri” = 113 (Full Reduction) | 113 is the 30th prime number.
My mom’s date of birth: 7 + 2+3 + 1+9+5+3 = 30
Measuring from the wedding to my mom’s next birthday:

1 month,, 13 days before my mom's birthday

“Kathleen Ellen Tikkuri” = 223 (English Ordinal)  |  That’s the 48th prime, and remember her life lesson number is 48. In the octal numbering system, 223 converts to 337.

“Derek Michael J Tikkuri” = 337 (Reverse Ordinal)  |  Measuring from my birthday to the date my mom had her last child:

From May 15th, 1976 to June 4th, 1985 is 3,307 days(My cubical at work, which is one I chose, turned out to be A3037)

Measuring from the wedding to my mom’s last birthday:

10 months, 19 days after her birthday1019 is the 171st prime number. Measuring from my oldest brother’s birthday to mine (the youngest):

171 months

“Kathleen Ellen Tikkuri” = 119 (Reverse Full Reduction)
“Saturn” = 119 (Francis Bacon)
My dad always calls her “Kath” = 119 (Jewish)
From my birthday to my mom’s:

1 month, 19 days

From my birthday to my dad’s:

“Saturn” = 317 (Primes)

“Kathleen Ellen Tikkuri” = 1087 (English Extended)
There are 187 chapters in the Torah, maybe the ultimate book of Gematria
“Torah” = 239 (Jewish)
“Richard Harvey Tikkuri” = 239 (English Ordinal)

203 Days left in the year
The date of their wedding leaves 203 days in the year

“Derek Michael J Tikkuri” = 203 (English Ordinal)
I’m their only child.

I have birth numerology of 23

My birthday is June 4th, written 6/04.
“Birthday” = 604 (Jewish)

The date I was born is the 155th day of the year. My mom got married when she was exactly 10550 days old. Measuring from their wedding to my birthday:

1089 days

1089 is 33 × 33. My birth numerology is:


More on how 33 has followed me around my whole life.

Other birth numerology:


“Derek Michael J Tikkuri” = 95 (Full Reduction)

“Derek Michael J Tikkuri” = 130 (Reverse Full Reduction)
“Richard Harvey Tikkuri” = 130 (Reverse Full Reduction)
I paid exactly $130k for my house after spending exactly 13 months, 13 days at my last residence.
There’s more but I don’t want to hand out where I live   =D

Upon discovering this and sharing it with my real estate agent (my oldest brother), I also mentioned I’d be moving in right before my 32nd birthday, and “House” = 32 (Single Reduction). 32 was always one of my favorite numbers (it’s a power of 2) and it was the number I wore on my little league and hockey jerseys. A couple days later, the previous owners asked for 3 more days of residence, meaning I would be moving in on my birthday exactly.

The 33rd prime number is 137. “Derek Michael J Tikkuri” = 1037 (Reverse Satanic)
“Derek Michael J Tikkuri” = 903 (Satanic)  |  Measuring between two of my brother’s birthdays:

903 days

“Saturn” = 93 (English Ordinal)

90393996. The other gap between my brothers’ birthdays:

996 days

I’ll end it there, but there is most certainly more that opens the eyes. This is a magical place…

Intriguing Organic Gematria from This Weekend

I tend to keep the gematria talk on the down-low when I’m around people…this wasn’t always the case, but I’ve had enough conversations about it to know when it will go bad with a particular person.

There was one woman at the party who I knew would take some interest in it. She’s the girlfriend of a good friend of ours and at past parties, we’ve had little discussions about supernatural things, how we can sometimes feel when spirits enter or exit a room, things of that nature.

To start, I just asked what her full name was. With respect for privacy, I won’t list her full name on here, but please trust that this is 100% truth. It turns out we had the exact same Reduction/Ordinal gematria. She’s the first person I’ve met with that trait.

“H**** A******** P****” = 95 (Full Reduction)
“H**** A******** P****” = 203 (English Ordinal)
“Derek Michael J Tikkuri” = 95 (Full Reduction)
“Derek Michael J Tikkuri” =  203 (English Ordinal)

I knew we were on a similar frequency, but this even tripped me out.

I consider Ordinal to be more significant than Reduction…not because I know that for a fact, but because other people are less likely to call a “coincidence” with larger numbers. So I focused on 203. As I occasionally say in my videos, numbers are most closely-related to their prime factorization.

The factorization of 203 is 7 × 29. I then asked what her birthday was. It was 6/7/1983. So not only is she also a Gemini, but then I measured the number of days between our birthdays:

Holy shit.

Intriguingly, she also has the 1331 connection I say is so significant:

“H**** A******** P****” = 103 (Reverse Full Reduction)
“H**** A******** P****” = 310 (Reverse Ordinal)

The other guy I talked about gematria with is a good friend of mine, one who I always bring this up at some point with. He agrees that something is definitely going on, but since the outset, he’s also cautioned that this is all probably just part of how this world works. Which I’ve acknowledged, but maybe not as much as I should have.

This is the same friend I went to the path of totality with to see the eclipse in August.

“J**** M***** M******” = 202 (English Ordinal)
“Total solar eclipse” = 202 (English Ordinal)

The eclipse was on the 233rd day of the year. Measuring between our birthdays:

What the…

227 for Christmas

My parents found this picture and framed it for me for Christmas:

I won every Spelling Bee I entered as a kid, with the exception of grades 2 (4th place) and 7th (2nd place). The words I misspelled were “Pole” (I brainfarted and said “p-o-w-l”) and “Moccasin” (“m-o-c-a-s-s-i-n”).

This 6th Grade Bee was the biggest win though, because it advanced me to Regionals. And would you look at the date it happened? February 27th…or 2/27, probably the most significant number in the study I’ve taken up as an adult.

I never once studied for any of these Bees…spelling was just something that came natural to me. I even skipped the 8th grade Bee altogether. The kid who beat me when I was in 7th grade was a year older than me and had entered high school, and I really didn’t want to win and have to go back to Regionals.

I’m an all-or-nothing guy. I couldn’t think of much else more boring than studying spelling at the time.

“Derek Tikkuri” = 61 (Single Reduction)
“Derek Tikkuri” = 119 (Reverse Single Reduction EP)
“Spelling Bee” = 61 (Single Reduction)
“Spelling Bee” = 119 (Reverse Single Reduction EP)

Why I’ve Immersed Myself in Gematria

This is going to be a pretty long post, but it might be the most important one I make.

I began to take numerology and gematria very seriously in October of 2016, initially propelled by how the 2016 World Series played out. I had picked up on what I believed to be clues hinting at a Cubs win in Extra Innings in Game 7, and I felt strongly enough that I told people at work who had expressed a little interest in what I was doing.

Game 7 took place the night of November 2nd, 2016, and ended the morning of November 3rd. Not only was my prediction correct, but I also guessed who would score the winning run, which was Kyle Schwarber. Although he was the 1st run to score in the 10th inning, it was not technically the WINNING run since the Indians scored in the bottom of the inning. Still, I had caught on to whatever was going on.

The following morning at work, some of my co-workers who had remembered my prediction began picking my brain, since it obviously spooked them out how accurate it was. I didn’t tell them a whole lot, but I did mention that a pairing of 13 & 33 are the main numbers to look for when it comes to clues. When you see those, you know there’s a clue hidden for some sort of riddle.

After these conversations, I sat back down at my desk and realized I had turned the corner with this research and was close to uncovering the truth. But the way the game had played out…I didn’t understand it. Even though I made the prediction, it didn’t occur in the manner I thought it would. Either some amazing technology was being used to control the baseball, or there were “Angels in the Outfield” helping this game along.

Without any ability to comprehend what it was I had truly seen, I calmly began to pray for a sign. Following a very intense spiritual experience at the age of 16, I was always a believer in God, but I had done a poor job keeping in touch as my 20’s progressed. So without anywhere else to turn, I looked above.

Quick backstory: In April of 2016, I split up with my ex-girlfriend, whose house I was living at, and moved in with my brother, his wife, and his son until I found a house to purchase. Things didn’t go so great in 2016, so I wound up staying there for a little over one year.

That night, I had to let my nephew in the house after work since he forgot his key. Usually someone is home by then, but my brother and his wife were both gone well into the night. My nephew had mentioned that something happened that day, which is why they were gone, but I didn’t really give it much thought. Around 8 pm, I really started to wonder where they were, so I decided to check the local news to see if anything stood out.

In scanning the news, I saw that there was a workplace fatality at the factory my dad works at. Alarmed, I gave my mom a call (my dad works second shift) to see if my he knew the 49-year-old guy who died.

Update: Man killed in industrial accident in Cudahy was struck in head by piece of metal

Not only did he know him – it turned out to be my sister-in-law’s father, who was a co-worker of my dad’s.

I was a little shaken after I hung up, and then I remembered I had asked for a sign in prayer earlier that day. This was too much of a coincidence for me to ignore. My stomach dropped when I re-read the news article and saw that “police were called at 1:15 pm”, meaning if the accident didn’t occur exactly at 13:13 military time, it was damn close. Mind you, the date was 11/3, the factors of 33.

All sorts of things began to cross my mind. Just how powerful are these numbers? Did I help cause this somehow? Was this man murdered by the numbers?

My dad works at this building, although generally in a different area, so I was able to get the full scoop on what happened. Shawn, my sister-in-law’s dad, operated an industrial hammer, one of, if not THE most powerful, in the world. He had recently received a head injury after a large steel ring placed between the hammer used to chock stuck pieces of metal off had broken, and a piece flew into his forehead. Management, however, still demanded the steel rings be used. Apparently, Shawn had said something to the effect of “It’s going to take someone to die here before you guys finally take this seriously”.

This time, the steel rings were colder than normal, as they were hung up next to the exterior wall. This may be partially what caused this next steel ring to completely snap on November 3rd, sending a much larger piece at Shawn. He was struck and killed instantly this time, sending him flipping into another worker, who was also injured and hospitalized.

Shawn was a very well-loved man among his workplace, his friends and family, and his church. He was a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ. His funeral drew hundreds and hundreds of people; there was literally not enough room in the building. My estimate would be 600-700 people.

At the time, the fact that the accident occurred right around 13:13 was enough for me to know this was the sign I had asked for. I can’t explain the feeling I had at the funeral service. Something was burning inside me, telling me I couldn’t allow this event to go to waste. I knew I had to honor Shawn’s passing by working to wake the world up to the type of thing I had just experienced.

I had discovered Zachary K Hubbard’s YouTube channel in late 2015, and while it had been mentioned at times, the “organic matrix” was not necessarily a notable part of his study. I reached out to Zach on Facebook to share my story, in hopes it would clue him towards the truth of this study a little bit more. It was later that week I ran the gematria on every word in the Bible and called into the Gematria Effect to share my new tool. A couple months later, was launched, and the rest is history.

In November 2016, I was so focused on gematria, I didn’t really try too hard to find Shawn’s date of birth. All I knew is that he was 49, which meant he was probably born in ’67. This was prior to the discovery of Reverse Gematria, so all that really stuck out is that “Shawn Day” = 41 (Single Reduction), the 13th prime number. I had also measured to the Super Bowl and found it was 94 days before it, the reflection of 49. It was also a span of 95 days, and “Shawn Day” = 95 (English Ordinal). I found it odd but not too wild, since I wasn’t about to fool myself into thinking his death was related to the Super Bowl. That being said, I now understand everything is connected, and this world is not what we thought it was…

In 2017, I wound up buying a house, completely by the numbers. I’ll be doing a post on that before too long. I moved in on my 32nd birthday, and “House” = 32 (Single Reduction), but there’s a ton more to it. What matters in relation to this post is that I lived at my brother and sister-in-law’s for exactly 13 months, 13 days, by circumstances out of my control. I get weirded out just typing that.

This brings us to New Year’s Eve 2018. My brother whose house I had just moved out from hosted a party, and it was that night Kayla showed us the little memorial she has set up for her father, complete with a beautiful set of photos from her wedding day, which was a span of 49 days before he passed away. The idea that he even got to walk his daughter down the aisle by the numbers is just amazing. Next to these photos was a tiny urn, filled with some of Shawn’s ashes, and on that urn was his date of birth.

Before I actually looked at and processed the date in my mind, something swept over me. I just knew there would be a clear 33 reference, in light of the fact that he died around 13:13. His birthday was November 28th, ‘66.

November 28th leaves 33 days in the year

“Thirty-three” = 66 (Full Reduction)

It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. I got the clear message from God in November of 2016, but it took over a full year for that message to be received in its entirety. I wonder if knowing his birthday last year would have been a bit too overwhelming for me at the time, and maybe God knew that.

But what’s really wild about this New Year’s Eve? The night before, I went to my parents’ house to watch the Orange Bowl with the Wisconsin Badgers with my dad. For some reason, he decided to show me the picture he took from the day of the accident from November 2016, over a year later. The photo showed a Cudahy Police squad car, which had driven inside the factory, behind Shawn’s body, which had a yellow tarp over it.

It was as if God was acting through my father, prepping me for the moment I would have the following night. Even though I already knew this entire thing was obviously very real, now I suddenly had a photo to just hammer it into my mind a little more. I’ve been asking for more signs recently, and I have no doubt this had almost everything to do with that.

Let’s take a moment to go over this great man’s name gematria. But first, remember he died 49 days after his daughter’s wedding and 94 days before the Super Bowl. Interesting that he also died 25 days before his birthday, in light of the fact that “Revelation” = 49 (Full Reduction) and “הִתגַלוּת (Revelation)” = 25 (Hebrew Reduction). His passing was the revelation I needed to fully accept God back into my life.

“Revelation” = 121 (English Ordinal)
“Shawn Day” = 121 (Reverse Ordinal)

“Shawn Day” = 1444 (Jewish)  |  1444 is 38 squared.
“Thirty-three” = 1444 (Trigonal)
“ATI Ladish” = 38 (Full Reduction)
“Death” = 38 (English Ordinal)

“Shawn M. Day” = 108 (English Ordinal)  |  He died the same day the Cubs broke their 108-year curse.

“Shawn M. Day” = 1404 (English Extended)  |  144 is the Jewish gematria of “Time”, but also has to do with circles and pi.

Even his initials “S.M.D.” = 144 (English Extended)

Revelation talks about 666 as the number of the beast, the 36th triangular number.

“Shawn M. Day” = 36 (Full Reduction)
“S.M.D.” = 36 (English Ordinal)

I truly hope and pray that all who read this can collectively make Shawn’s passing a positive thing for humanity, something to help spread the knowledge we need to enough people in order to escape this infinite system of “quiet” slavery.

Seems Like Destiny

The fact that I’m teaching people gematria seems to be no mistake. In numerology, 33 is most frequently noted as the master teacher number.

“Teacher” = 33 (Full Reduction)

My birth numerology is as follows:

The consonants in my name sum to 33: “Drk” = 33 (English Ordinal)

My middle name is “Michael” = 33 (Full Reduction)

The consonants in my last name sum to 330: “Tkkr” = 330 (English Extended)

“Thirty-three” = 156 (English Ordinal), and in leap years, my birthday is the 156th day of the year:

“Derek Tikkuri” = 142 (English Ordinal)

And here I am teaching “Gematria” = 142 (Reverse Ordinal)

It was the Gematrinator calculator that launched the public study of Reverse Gematria.

“Derek Michael J Tikkuri” = 1198 (Jewish)
“Reverse Gematria” = 1198 (Jewish)

“Derek Michael J Tikkuri” = 95 (Full Reduction)
“Reverse gematria” = 95 (Reverse Full Reduction)

They call 11:11 the wake-up number, so it’s strange this came around the time I joined the Gematria Effect as a guest:

“Derek Tikkuri” = 1111 (Trigonal)

“The Gematria Effect” = 1111 (Trigonal)

This brings us to the movie Pi, released 1 month, 6 days, or 36 days, after my 13th birthday.

“Pi” = 16 (Full Reduction)  |  “July tenth” = 36 (Full Reduction)

π (Pi) is the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet.

The main character was played by Sean Gullette:

You may notice Sean Gullette was, like me, born on June 4th.

“Sean Gullette” = 141 / 183 (English Ordinal / Reverse)

“Gematrinator” = 141 / 183 (English Ordinal / Reverse)

His character was “Max Cohen” = 83 (English Ordinal)

“Derek Tikkuri” = 83 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Could there also be organic parallels between Zach Hubbard and the most famous Hubbard, L. Ron? Measuring from Zach’s birth to L. Ron’s death:

Does my birthday sync up with L. Ron Hubbard’s death too?

Well, damn.

33 has followed me around my entire life. My YouTube channel was originally meant for “Tekken” = 33 (Reverse Full Reduction), and my character was “Baek Doo San” = 33 (Full Reduction). In 2009, I adopted a cat named “Phantom” = 33 (Full Reduction).

Just seems to be how things work. My first car was a “Buick Regal” = 337 (Jewish)

“Derek Michael J Tikkuri” = 337 (Reverse Ordinal)

My first new car was a “Neon” = 33 (Reverse Single Reduction EP). Now I drive a “Dart” = 43 (English Ordinal)

“Derek” = 43 (English Ordinal)  |  My nickname “Tick” = 43 (English Ordinal)