Woman Arrested for Friend’s Murder in Canada

Link to article (CBS News)

Today is the 18th day of ’18. Of course, 18 is 6+6+6, and 666, commonly known as the number of the Beast, is central to occultic numerology, and a favorite of the mainstream media to code into their news stories. This story is about the death of an 18 year-old from 2015.

The murder took place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In the Jewish Order, S is the 18th letter.

The killer’s name is Cheyenne Rose Antoine.

"Cheyenne Rose Antoine" = 666 (Primes)"Antoine" = 666 (Reverse Sumerian)

Of course, I don’t know for certain this was a hoax, but my default stance is the news is fake. I’ve called a lot of things fake, and to my knowledge, I’ve never been proven wrong. So why did it take almost 3 years to sentence the killer?

Again…13 and 33 are the big hoax codes. Measuring from today’s date to the date the murder occurred:1030 days

“Strangled” = 347 (Jewish)
“Thirteen” = 347 (Jewish)
347 is the 69th prime number. She was strangled with a “Belt” = 69 (Reverse Ordinal)

The 33rd prime number is 137.

"Cheyenne" = 137 (Reverse Ordinal)"Antoine" = 33 (Full Reduction)

"Gargol" = 33 (Full Reduction)

The woman she killed was named Brittney Gargol. Seriously, gargle? A woman who got strangled by a belt, named “Gargol”?!

"Brittney Gargol" = 561 (Primes)

Her prime number gematria is pretty interesting. 561 is the 33rd triangular number. In my post from earlier today on Blaze Bernstein, I mentioned how they gave away a “Red spatula” = 561 (Jewish) at his funeral.

We know how these satanists love to mock Jesus in this fashion:

“Jesus” = 74 (English Ordinal)
“Jesus Christ” = 74 (Reverse Full Reduction)
“Jesus Christ” = 151 (English Ordinal)

“Brittney Gargol” = 74 (Full Reduction)
“Brittney Gargol” = 1510 (Trigonal)


See how 144 is related to the circle, the mark of the Beast. This story comes out of:"Canada" = 144 (Sumerian)But more specifically:"Saskatoon, Saskatchewan" = 1440 (Sumerian)

"Saskatoon, Saskatchewan" = 156 (Reverse Single Reduction EP)"Thirty-three" = 156 (English Ordinal)"Six six six" = 156 (English Ordinal)"Triple sixes" = 156 (English Ordinal)

The BBC article says they were “Inseparable”.

“Inseparable” = 313 (Jewish)
“Six hundred threescore and six” = 313 (English Ordinal)

As seen in the above link, 88 is also a big part of the riddle. See more

“Saskatoon, Saskatchewan” = 88 (Jewish Reduced)
“Saskatoon, Saskatchewan” = 232 (Jewish Ordinal)
“Satan” = 232 (Jewish)

Pope Marries Flight Attendants Aboard Plane

Link to article (HuffPost)

Look at the names of these two people: Paula Podest and Carlos Ciufffardi. Fake news stories LOVE to give you characters with the same initials. And these are two of their favorites.

“P” is the sixteenth letter.

Sixteen = 33

“Paula Podest” = 130 (English Ordinal)  |  13 and 33 are the big hoax codes. They’re calling this the “airborne wedding”.

"Airbone wedding" = 130 (English Ordinal)

“Paula Podest” = 515 (Satanic)
“Thirty-three” = 515 (Primes)

These pervs just love putting the P.P. anywhere they can. Just look at what JEWrassic Liars caught from the “Zombie” music video, from the group the Cranberries, who just lost their singer by the code.

Next, you have Carlos Ciufffardi, who’s got the C.C. initials, another nod to 33. The headline also clues us in:

303 Reduction

And look at who wrote it! Her initials are C.K., the 3rd and 11th letters. 3×11 = 33.

Carol Kuruvilla

"Carol Kuruvilla" = 666 (Satanic) "Carol Kuruvilla" = 666 (Reverse Primes)

Blaze Bernstein Murder – Fake News Propaganda

Link to ABC News article

We’re told that 19 year-old Blaze Bernstein was summoned to a park by an old high school acquaintance, where he was then stabbed to death and buried.

The story is not what it seems, however. In all likelihood, every portion of this story is a figment of Jewish imagination. I’d say it’s more likely this kid, who was gay, underwent a sex change operation.

First off, let’s start with the common hoax code – 33. The 33rd prime number is 137.

Bernstein = 137 Reverse"Blaze Bernstein" = 1307 (Trigonal)

Another great sign of a hoax is the fact that the funeral handed out take-home gifts for all who attended – a red spatula, because Blaze liked to cook. This red spatula is part of the hoax riddle.

The 33rd triangular number is 561.

"Red spatula" = 561 (Jewish)

Blaze and his killer both went to the same high school, the Orange County School of Arts.

"Orange" = 33 (Full Reduction)

Blaze disappeared on January 2nd. He was found on January 9th.

One Week = 33 ReductionSeven Days = 33 Reduction

The man arrested for the murder was Samuel Woodward. Remember, the other key hoax code is 13. The 13th prime number is 41, and the 13th triangular number is 91.

"Samuel" = 91 (Reverse Ordinal)"Woodward" = 41 (Reverse Full Reduction)

"Woodward" = 103 (English Ordinal)"Woodward" = 113 (Reverse Ordinal)

See why 113 is the number of deception.

Samuel Woodward = Scottish Rite in Reduction

“Samuel Woodward” = 1590 (Trigonal)
“Scottish Rite” = 159 (Reverse Ordinal)

“Samuel Woodward” = 1044 (Sumerian)
“Killer” = 144 (Jewish)  |  144 is related to the circle.

Speaking of the Circle, this murder occurred at Borrego Park. There’s two O’s in Borrego, including one at the end. This is another hoax clue.

This park is littered with the numbers of Saturn, from which Satan is derived.

Saturn = 511 Jewish"Borrego Park" = 511 (Satanic)

Saturn = 119 Francis BaconAll-seeing eye = 119Saturn = 713 in Hebrew Gematria

713 is the 11th prime times the 9th prime. The full name of the park he died:

"Borrego Park" = 119 (Jewish Ordinal)"Borrego Park in Foothill Ranch" = 1109 (English Extended)

“Borrego Park” = 171 (Reverse Ordinal)  |  171st prime number is 1019.

"Borrego Park in Foothill Ranch" = 290 (English Ordinal)

290 is a big-time number in these Saturnian death rituals. See why.
Another interesting thing about 290 – consider how the word “Time” is spelled, and its ordinal values.

“Twenty, nine, thirteen, five” = 119 / 290 (Full ReductionEnglish Ordinal)

“Borrego Park in Foothill Ranch” = 146 (Full Reduction)
“Time” = 146 (Primes)
“Time” = 187 (Satanic)
“Borrego Park in Foothill Ranch” = 187 (Reverse Single Reduction EP)

The victim and killer also share appropriate gematria.

"Blaze Bernstein" = 226 (Reverse Ordinal)"Samuel Woodward" = 226 (Francis Bacon)"Sacrifice" = 226 (English Extended)

There’s a good chance 226 is also a hint at a hoax, as it’s directly related through the number 33.

Foothill Ranch = Thirty-three

Foothill Ranch was incorporated into Lake Forest, California, in 2000.

“Lake Forest, California” = 92 / 200 (Full Reduction / English Ordinal)
“The Synagogue of Satan” = 92 (Reverse Full Reduction)
200 is also part of the Beast riddle.

It used to be called “Foothill Ranch, California” = 121 / 229 (Full Reduction / English Ordinal)
“Revelation” = 121 (English Ordinal)
It’s the 229th verse of Revelation that reveals the number of the Beast.

The Gematria of Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C. is the home of Freemasonry. This is no secret – the House of the Temple (Wiki) sits roughly 13 blocks from the White House.

But it’s 47 that might even be more significant than either 13 or 33.

"Washington, D.C." = 47 (Septenary)"Washington, D.C." = 47 (Chaldean)"D.C." = 47 (Reverse Ordinal)

What if we type out the entire name without abbreviations?

"Washington, District of Columbia" = 407 (Francis Bacon)

The 47th prime number is 211.

"Washington, District of Columbia" = 2011 (Jewish)

Washington, D.C. is the home of Freemasonry.

"Washington, District of Columbia" = 139 (Jewish Reduced)"Washington, District of Columbia" = 1309 (Satanic)"Washington, District of Columbia" = 1407 (Reverse Satanic)

"Freemasonry" = 139 (English Ordinal)"Freemason" = 147 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Washington, District of Columbia" = 319 (Jewish Ordinal)"Masonic" = 319 (Satanic)"Freemasonic" = 319 (Jewish)

“Washington, District of Columbia” = 166 (Reverse Full Reduction)
“Secret society” = 166 (English Ordinal)

“Washington, District of Columbia” = 365 (ALW Kabbalah)  |  365 days in a year

See how 227 is related to the circle.

“Washington, District of Columbia” = 2111 (English Extended)  |  2111 is the 318th prime. 7 ÷ 22 = 0.318…

"Washington, District of Columbia" = 329 (English Ordinal)

The 329th prime is 2207  |  22 ÷ 7 ~= 3.14

College QB Tyler Hilinski Found Dead

Zach’s post on Tyler’s death is pretty good. I’d like to add some of my own observations, beginning with the name of the town he was found dead in.

"Pullman, Washington" = 271 (Francis Bacon)271 is the 58th prime number.
“Freemasonry” = 58 (Full Reduction)

It has very intriguing gematria:

"Pullman, Washington" = 189 (ALW Kabbalah)"Freemasonic" = 189 (Reverse Ordinal)"Scottish Rite" = 189 (ALW Kabbalah)

"Pullman, Washington" = 277 (KFW Kabbalah)"Freemasonry" = 277 (Franc Baconis)"The Synagogue of Satan" = 277 (KFW Kabbalah)

"Pullman, Washington" = 190 (LCH Kabbalah)

19 years in the Metonic cycle.

“Pullman, Washington” = 84 / 105 (Single Red KV/ Reverse Single Red EP)
“Masonry” = 84 / 105 (English Ordinal / Reverse Ordinal)

"Pullman, Washington" = 1616 (Jewish)"Ritual sacrifice" = 616 (Jewish)

"Pullman, Washington" = 1506 (English Extended)"Thirty-three" = 156 (English Ordinal)

And just think about it…they say he pulled the trigger in Pullman

The Kabbalah gematria of Ritual sacrifice is fulfilled:

"Pullman, Washington" = 212 (Jewish Ordinal)

"Ritual sacrifice" = 212 (ALW Kabbalah)"Ritual sacrifice" = 212 (KFW Kabbalah)"Ritual sacrifice" = 117 (LCH Kabbalah)

Pullman, Washington sits on the 117th meridian.

“Pullman, Washington” = 1314 (Sumerian)
“Pullman, Washington” = 1440 (Reverse Sumerian)

Pi ~= 3.141, and 144 is related to the Circle: see how.

“Tyler Hilinski” = 223 (Francis Bacon)
“Tyler Hilinski” = 340 (Franc Baconis)
“Murder” = 34 (Full Reduction)

Follow-Up: Family Rescued from Homeschool Hell

A couple days ago, I made this post about the Turpins, a family who is being accused of using their Homeschool license to imprison and abuse their 13 children, who were as old as 29. Yes, the news is telling us that boys in their 20’s were incapable of escaping their own parents’ house.

Since i made that post and video, David’s employment has been revealed. And what a shocker! He was previously employed by American Defense Contractors Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin. These companies are actively engaged in war with the American public, largely through psychological operations such as fake news.

In that post, I mentioned this:
"The Turpins" = 150 (English Ordinal)15 is related to the Devil – see why

Now, several sources, including CNN, have reported that the family claimed $150,000 in assets. Ha!

The 150th prime number is 863.
“Louise Turpin” = 863 (Jewish)

“Louise Turpin” = 1223 (English Extended)
Jesuit Order = 1223 Jewish

“Louise Turpin” = 170 (Jewish Ordinal)
“Moon” = 170 (Jewish Ordinal)

“Louise Turpin” = 179 (English Ordinal)
179 is the 41st prime number.
“David Allen Turpin and Louise Anna Turpin” = 410 (English Ordinal)
41 is the 13th prime number. It’s 13 kids who are said to have been imprisoned.

“David Turpin” = 190 (Francis Bacon)
19 years in the Metonic cycle
“David Allen Turpin” = 361 (Franc Baconis)
361 is 19×19.

I also missed this in light of all David’s gematric connections with Freemasonry:

“David Turpin” = 1207 (Jewish)
“Scottish Rite of Freemasonry” = 127 (Full Reduction)

Jeff Flake Rips Trump

Link to CNN article

This morning, Jeff Flake is on the front page of CNN. Why would that be?

This is his age as of today:

20106 days old

216 is 6 × 6 × 6.

"Jeffry Lane Flake" = 137 (English Ordinal)

137 is the 33rd prime number. The headline sums to 303 in the Jewish order.
“GOP senator calls out Trump” = 303 (Jewish Ordinal)

The sub-headline sums to 303 in Chaldean numerology.

“Thirty-three” = 156 (English Ordinal)
“Six six six” = 156 (English Ordinal)
“Triple sixes” = 156 (English Ordinal)

666 is related to the circle. The first 144 digits of pi after the decimal sum to 666. It’s also the 36th triangular number. There’s 360 degrees in a circle and adding 36 to 144 gives you 180, half the number of degrees in a circle.

In the standard English order, the headline sums to 321.
“GOP senator calls out Trump” = 321 (English Ordinal)
“Circle” = 321 (Trigonal)
“מעגל (Circle)” = 143 (Hebrew Ordinal)
“Jeffry Lane Flake” = 143 (Jewish Ordinal)

The sub-headline sums to 961 in Ordinal, which is 31×31. 31 is the 11th prime number, the master number.

“Flake says President charts a ‘dangerous path’ with attacks on truth, asks Congress to be a check on him” = 961 (English Ordinal)

1039 (Francis Bacon)
“Freemasonry” = 139 (English Ordinal)  |  139 is the 34th prime number.

“Flake says President charts a ‘dangerous path’ with attacks on truth, asks Congress to be a check on him” = 340 (Full Reduction)

“dangerous path” = 59 (Full Reduction)
“Freemasonry” = 59 (Reverse Full Reduction)

The headline of the actual CNN article is:

“Jeff Flake rips Trump: A president ‘who cannot take criticism … is charting a very dangerous path'” = 373 (Full Reduction)
373 is the 74th prime number.
“Masonic” = 74 (English Ordinal)

“Jeff Flake rips Trump: A president ‘who cannot take criticism … is charting a very dangerous path'” = 644 (Reverse Single Reduction EP)
“Scottish Rite” = 644 (Jewish)

Notice how the news clip is 1:58. I did a video yesterday on the Cory Booker story – his video had the exact same timestamp.
“Freemasonry” = 158 (Reverse Ordinal)

Huge 1331 Discovery!

Special thanks to YouTuber Lambda115 for sharing his find on the 1331 eclipse.


1331 is a very special number in gematria, particularly the Jewish cipher.

Think of how you can take 133 and 331, lay them next to each other, and them merge them together so the 33‘s overlap. You’re left with a 1331.

One hundred thirty-three = 1331 Jewish

Three hundred thirty-one = 1331

There’s only one other number that sums to 1331.

Three hundred ninety-three = 1331 Jewish

393 is directly related – it can be constructed by a similar merging of 39 and 93.

13×3 = 39  |  3×31 = 93

393 is also the gematria of Enneadecaeteris, the Greek word for the Metonic cycle. This cycle is 19 years and 235 synodic months. 19+235 = 254
“Time” = 254 (English Extended)  |  “Light” = 254 (English Extended)

Enneadecaeteris = 393 in Jewish gematria

I frequently bring up the significance of the two total solar eclipses creating an X over the United States, less than 7 years apart. They’re separated by 2423 days, the 360th prime number. See more

The Twin Towers were brought down 2423 years after Solomon’s Temple, according to certain Rabbinic literature. The first of the two Twin Eclipses occurred 16 years after the 9/11 attacks.

Twin eclipses = 1331 Jewish

Sixteen years later = 1331 Jewish

There’s only one date on the calendar that sums to 1331 in gematria when written out.

November Thirtieth = 1331 Jewish

1331 is 11×11×11. The 11th prime number is 31, which is how many days are left in the year after November 30th.

So it seems like 1331 has to do with solar eclipses. Gematria supports that notion further:

Thirteen thirty-one eclipse = 1331 Jewish

Can you believe that? Just wait:

There was one total solar eclipse in 1331. It was on the date November 30th.

See the eclipse data here

It looks like a rather significant eclipse, too. The entire path of totality was on land. In all the eclipses I’ve ever looked at, I don’t recall seeing this.

Greatest eclipse occurred at 7:47 UTC.

Time = 747 in Hebrew gematria

November 30th is the 334th day of the year.

Solar eclipse = 433 in Jewish gematria

With all I’ve come to learn, it’s amazing how often my mind is still blown by what we find.

Actor-Agent Cory Booker Lets Loose

Video for this post

Link to CNN article

CNN’s headline this afternoon highlights Cory Booker’s rant to DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for her “complicit” ignorance of Trump’s comment about “shithole” countries.

Let’s start with the headline this time:

There’s a lot more here. The headline also sums to 353 (Reverse Full Reduction), like “Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry” = 353 (Reverse Single Reduction EP).

Booker says “73%” several times during the rant.

"Cory Booker" = 730 (Jewish)

“Booker slams DHS secretary’s ‘amnesia’ on Trump’s reported ‘shithole’ comment” = 307 (Jewish Reduced) / 730 (Jewish Ordinal)

37 and 73, when paired together, are very significant Biblical numbers. 37 squared is 1369.

"Cory Anthony Booker" = 1369 (Jewish)

Today has 55 numerology:

(1) + (16) + (20) + (18) = 55

“Cory Booker” = 55 (Full Reduction)

Booker has always seemed like a New World Order agent, and sure enough, he’s got the numbers to support it. Today, he was shouting at another 33:

"Booker" = 33 (Reverse Full Reduction)Nielsen = 33

Booker = 96 ReverseFreemason = 96 Ordinal

Cory Booker = 127Cory Booker = 143 ReverseScottish Rite of Freemasonry = 127Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 143 Reverse Reduction

Circle in Hebrew = 143

It’s 14 weeks, 3 days until Booker’s next birthday:

Measuring from his previous birthday, it’s been 8 months, 20 days.

"Cory Anthony Booker" = 82 (Reverse Full Reduction)

The woman he’s yelling at is 8 months, 2 days after her birthday.

“Cory Booker” = 1117 (Trigonal)
1117 is the 187th prime number, and 11 × 17 = 187.
“Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry” = 187 (Full Reduction)

His name is also a tribute to Enneadecaeteris, the Greek word for the Metonic cycle, which is 19 solar years and 235 synodic months.

“Cory Booker” = 1090 (English Extended)
“Cory Anthony Booker” = 109 (Reverse Single Reduction EP)

“Cory Anthony Booker” = 235 (Reverse Ordinal)

The occult seems to be obsessed with this second solar eclipse occurring in 2024, 2423 days after the recent one in 2017. In the second century, Rabbis revised the date of the destruction of Solomon’s Temple to 422 BC – 2423 years before the events of September 11th, 2001.

Cory Anthony Booker = 224

"Cory Booker" = 477 (Satanic)

Check out how long it’s been since Booker took office in 2013:

4 years, 77 days

In September, the Jesuit Order turned 477 years old. It was DHS Secretary Kirstjen Michele Nielsen he was bickering at.

"Kirstjen Michele Nielsen" = 1223 (Jewish)Jesuit Order = 1223 Jewish

“Kirstjen Michele Nielsen” = 130 (Reverse Full Reduction)
The 130th prime number is 733
“Kirstjen Nielsen” = 733 (English Extended)

“Kirstjen Michele Nielsen” = 239 (English Ordinal)  |  “Torah” = 239 (Jewish)

"Kirstjen Nielsen" = 1143 (Jewish)Cory Booker = 143 ReverseScottish Rite of Freemasonry = 143 Reverse ReductionCircle in Hebrew = 143

I frequently talk about how the number 42 is stamped on black people negatively in the media. Consider that Nielsen is being berated by a man on the topic of racism, and this is her 42nd day in office.

Inventor Murders Journalist

Video for this post

CNN Article

So many headlines scream “fake news” before you even read the story. This one already reads like a movie script – a Danish inventor murdering a journalist. Yeah because, inventors are just known to be cold-blooded serial killers.

Remember, the key hoax codes are 13 and 33. The journalist, Kim Wall, was from Sweden.

"Swedish" = 33 (Full Reduction)Kim = 33

She was even born on a date with 33 numerology.

3 + 2+3 + 1+9+8+7 = 33

Her last name is “Wall”. Timely, considering all the talk of Trump’s border wall as of late.

“Wall” = 561 (English Extended)
561 is the 33rd triangular number.

Kim = 48 ReverseWall = 48

The name of the man suspected of her murder, Peter Madsen, syncs up well, sharing 48 and 60 gematria:


Her name matches up well with “Ritual”.

Kim Wall = Ritual

Killed by an “Inventor” = 45 (Reverse Full Reduction)

While 13 and 33 are the simple hoax codes, the news loves using biblical numerology, especially from Revelation, where the number of the Beast is revealed to be 666. The mark of the Beast is the circle, frequently represented by pi (3.14). Check out how old Kim was when she disappeared:

30 years, 140 days

3 years, 140 days, just like the digits of pi. You’ve got to be kidding me.

“Circle” = 32 (Full Reduction)  |  32 squared is 1024.

“Inventor” has double gematria of 1024.

Jewish and Trigonal

Check out the Jewish gematria for more evidence of scripted news. Remember, it was an “inventor” who will go on trial for killing Kim Wall.

Kim Wall = 990 in Jewish gematriaInventor = 99 Reverse

99 is part of the circle riddle. Check out this link.

Madsen = 200 Extended

200 is also another piece of the riddle. That’s covered in this link.

CNN’s headline has interesting Ordinal gematria:

“Danish inventor Peter Madsen charged with Kim Wall murder” = 558 (English Ordinal)
“Saturn” = 558 (Sumerian)
558 in the octal number system is 1056. “Six six six” = 156 (English Ordinal)

6 × 6 × 6 = 216. The moon is ~2160 miles in diameter. Madsen is the “moon” character in this story, the killer.

“Moon” = 170 (Jewish)
“Madsen” = 170 (Jewish)
He’s from “Denmark” = 170 (Jewish)

“Moon” = 57 (English Ordinal)
“Peter Madsen” = 57 (Single Reduction)
“Peter Madsen” = 570 (English Extended)
The moon ranges 57 degrees in the sky.

The moon’s name is “Luna” = 12 (Full Reduction)
“Peter Madsen” = 120 (English Ordinal)
“Wall” = 12 (Full Reduction)

The Moon = 223 in HebrewMasonic = 223 Jewish

Kim’s date of death might also be August 11th, per the article.

August 11th is the 223rd day of the year

And look at what time he claims to have dropped her off:

“After originally having said that he had dropped her off in Copenhagen at 22:30 on 10 August, Madsen said he “buried” Wall’s body at sea after she died in an accident on board the submarine.”

The submarine took off from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Copenhagen = 88Beast = 88 Reverse

88 is also an integral piece of the riddle – link here. The 88th prime number is 457. And this death took place aboard a:

Submarine = 457 in Jewish gematria

The mathematical ciphers are definitely in play for this story.

"Kim Wall" = 1013 (Reverse Trigonal)Revelation = 1013 Trigonal

The final chapter of Revelation is the 1189th of the Bible.

Kim Wall = 1189 Squares"Circle" = 1189 (Reverse Trigonal)

Revelation is the 66th book of the Bible.

Denmark = 66

Denmark = 311 SatanicThe Beast = 311 in Jewish gematria

The Beast is Time.

Time and Beast = 47

Time = 254 Extended

Kim Wall = 254 PrimesMurder = 254 Primes